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Sep 15

In our perpetual sibling chat, my older sister said that her plans for tonight were cancelled. My little sister and I both jump in with “Oh, god, that is the best!”

Family of introverts.

It probably really is a good thing we don’t have a larger apartment or home or what-have-you, because I’m sure that, left to my own devices, I would actually slowly turn it into Devin’s House of Wayward Subs.

I don’t always realize I’m collecting them. It’s not always sexual. Sometimes it just happens.

Sep 14

Anxiety attack while driving. Let’s not do that again, mmkay?

And then what my mom described as encouragement, but sounded a hell of a lot like nagging. Ugh.



I want to reclaim Dad Culture on tumblr. I want there to be a counterpoint to the creepy Tumblr Daddies. I want people in ill-fitting polos making gifs with captions like “how was your day, sport?” and “that lawn’s not gonna mow itself!” I wanna see people cooking BBQs over skype, RPing detailed discussions about which power drill to buy. We can’t let those sweaty teens in baggy suits win

I’m on mobile so I can’t put Dad Egbert here. I guess I’ll just tag fictionalized instead.

I will take up this burden.

Good news, Tumblr. I’m your new dad. Have you got your homework done? How’s the semester going so far?

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