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Sep 29

I got tagged by formerlyknownasemily

  1. Are you, or are you not, really an alien?
    Yes. I definitely am, or am not, really an alien.
  2. Favorite TV show currently airing?
    Maybe Brooklyn Nine Nine? That show is pretty damn awesome. Or Cutthroat Kitchen.
  3. Favorite TV show, cancelled or wrapped?
    Oh, tough choice. Um. Pushing Daisies, maybe? Deep Space Nine? Farscape? Homicide: Life on the Street?
  4. Favorite book?
    Oh, jesus, impossible to answer. Um… American Gods is the first one that comes to mind.
  5. Favorite book adaptation?
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
  6. What kind of breakfast food do you most closely identify with?
    Bacon. Because I may not be good for you, but damn I’m delicious. *wink*

    No, um, hashbrowns, probaby.
  7. Do you dance? Why or why not?
    I do, because it’s fun. I’ll look like a dork, probably, but I try not to pay attention to that.
  8. Are lizards cute (particularly chameleons (particularly Jackson’s chameleons (LOOK DON’T TELL ME YOU HATE TRICERATOPS)))? Bear in mind, there is only one right answer.
    Yes. Yes, they are. Like these ones
  9. What does the color mauve mean to you?
    Danger. Or boredom. 
  10. Do you support the idea of privately owned libraries competing with publicly owned libraries?
    I’d be wary, because I feel like they should be public resources that people should have access to, and private ownership seems like there could be competing influences. I’d have to see how it was put into practice, I guess. I mean, I’m in favor of libraries, so…
  11. Did you attend public school or private school and which, in your opinion, is better?
    I attended public school. Um… I’d probably lean towards private schools being better, but it’s hard to make a blanket judgment- there are excellent public schools and shitty private schools, too, so…

I guess I’m just indecisive. Maybe I should say I identify with a waffle, amIright?

Sep 28

cakeandcrack said: Who would win in a duel between Deadpool and Wolverine?

Both have a healing factor, so I feel like the end battle comes down to this: Which will last longer, Deadpool’s perverse joy in this fight or Wolverine’s patience in putting up with Deadpool’s chatter?

Deadpool wins.

tramtheram said: Just going to say that your #any man who must say I am the king is no true king tag is rather funny for someone that wants to be king of Canada :P

Well, hey, I’m not king of Canada yet. I gotta tell them I should be, then they can put me on the throne and I’ll shut up.

Sep 26

The term “coming out of the broom closet” just makes me wince.

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