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Aug 19

Decided to take a cue from peachmagic and start up a blog to put witch-ish posts on: witchynerd

Because I need more blogs, yeah?

Aug 18

"Focusing on things" is not my superpower today.

Aug 17

No, but really, if I’d just run the whole thing myself for 45 minutes, I would have gone on some really weird rambles, I think.

duelpersonality replied to your post: Okay, zoeuhura tagged me in some selfi…

While it seems that Suit!Devin is an AU character, he’s one I’d like to read about.

I think they’re all AUs, except for maybe the center right. The AU where I’m Bobby Fisher, the AU where I’m a mercenary in the future, the AU where I’m Captain Marvel, the AU where I’m a dad, and the AU where I’m a Senator.

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